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Johannes Seibert model 400 - 4/4 Cello

Complete outfit - includes standard hard case and bow!

4/4, Crafted in 2021, New

Generally a fairly warm tone, this model 400 Seibert has a creamy low end with nice color throughout the register. The A-string sings pleasantly with good depth of overtones. Very nicely balanced, with plenty of volume and resonance. Best for intermediate players, but a confident beginner could take it on.

Cello comes with a hard case and a bow.

All cellos are setup or adjusted by Linda and played before shipped, guaranteed.

Serial #: 02169


  • Belgium-style Bridge
  • Evah Gold C, D, and A
  • Perpetual Solo G
  • Wittner Tailpiece w/ Fine Tuners
  • Ebony Pegs
  • 10mm Solid Carbon Fiber Endpin

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