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Johannes Seibert model 600 - 7/8 Cello

Complete outfit - includes standard hard case and bow!


Dimensions are as follows:

  • Length of body: 28 3/8"
  • Width of Upper Bout: 12 7/8"
  • Width of C bout: 9"
  • Width of Lower bout: 16 1/2"
  • String length: 26 3/8"

7/8, Crafted in 2019, New

If you want a smaller sized cello, but are worried about volume and projection, never fear! This one has plenty of projection for a 7/8s rivaling a full sized cello. It's nicely responsive, and speaks easily throughout the dynamic range.Very resonant and easy to get a clear, clean sound from. Easy to play. Lots of tonal color, speaks easily in the upper registers. Open and nicely balanced. Bright upper register.

Cello comes with a hard case and your choice of a carbon or pernambuco bow.

All cellos are setup or adjusted by Linda and played before shipped, guaranteed.

Serial #: 93151


  • Belgium Bridge
  • Spirocore C & G
  • Versum A & D
  • Wittner Tailpiece w/ Fine Tuners
  • Ebony Pegs
  • 10mm Solid Carbon Fiber Endpin

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