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Rudoulf Doetsch model 701 - 1/2 size Cello - Used

Complete outfit - includes standard hard case and bow!


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  • Width of c-bout: "
  • Width of lower bout: "
  • String length: "

1/2 size, Crafted in Germany, Used

This 1/2 sized Doetsch model 701 is an exceptional instrument for precocious young cellist who requires a great soloist cello for recitals and competitions. This cello’s complex voice offers plenty of depth and color with the spirited projection of a larger instrument. Cellos like this one are becoming increasingly hard to find as Eastman is no longer making this size of this particular model.  

Rudoulf Doetsch 701 cellos begin their journey in a small violin-making town in Germany. There, they are carved from select European tonewoods in the esteemed German tradition. For

final tonal adjustments and the hand-applied, antique-style varnish, the cellos make a stop at the Eastman Strings workshop located in Beijing, China.

Eastman instruments are all solid carved of properly aged woods, and hand-finished in the traditional manner of old European craftsmen. Chisels, knives, and scrapers, in the hands of outstandingly gifted craftspeople, are the primary tools used to create these modern instruments. By the time an Eastman Strings instrument reaches the player, dozens of expert craftspeople have had a hand in bringing it to the peak of its sound, playability, and beauty.

The centuries-old instrument building methods used in the workshop in Beijing allows Eastman Strings to provide high-quality, hand-made instruments at very affordable prices. A number of the Eastman cello models receive our Best for Beginners and Budget-Minded badges due to their ease of play, quality of craftsmanship, and affordability. Eastman is by far our most popular line of cellos, violins and violas. You really can’t go wrong with an Eastman instrument.

Comes with a hard case and bow.

All cellos are setup or adjusted by Linda, and played before shipped, guaranteed.


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