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How to Select a Beginner's Cello

**How to Pack and Ship a Cello

**How to Pack and Ship a Bow

**How to Rosin Your Bow

**How to Repair Cello Seams

How To Videos

How to Install an Endpin Assembly on your Cello

How to Adjust a Wolf Suppressor on your Cello

How to Select a Case to Fit Your Cello

Linda shows you how to measure your cello to determine which cases it will fit into. She discusses issues with different patterns, such as Strad, Montagnana, issues with scrolls, etc.

How to Care for Your Cello Bow - Part 1

Discussing loose or missing hair and other symptoms that it is time to rehair your bow.

How to Install a String Vision Bow Grip

Linda demonstrates installing the sometimes tricky String Vision Bow Grip.

How to Install a Bow Tube Grip

Linda demonstrates how to install a bow tube grip. The Bow tube is used to cushion the end of the thumb and can reduce hand fatigue for some players.

How to Set Up a Bridge on a Cello

You can also see our article that includes additional pictures and this same video.

How to Find Open Seams in a Cello

Linda shows you how to locate open seams on your cello. Open seams can negatively affect the sound produced in your cello and they should be repaired.

How to Repair Open Seams in a Cello

Linda shows you how to repair open seams in your cello, or other bowed instrument, such as a viola, violin, or bass. You can purchase a repair kit from us to do the repair yourself if you do not live near a qualified luthier.