Giovanni Battista GrancinoCello - 1716

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Maker's shop: Milan, Italy

Label: "Giovanni Grancino in Contrada / Largha di Milano al segno / della Corona 16**"; dated by hand "1716"
Back: Two-piece of light curl
Ribs: of wood similar to back
Scroll: of light curl
Front: of fine to medium grain, with wings on the flanks
Varnish: Orange yellow brown
Body Length: 74 cm / 29 1/8"
Upper Bout: 34 cm / 13 3/8"
Center Bout: 23.5 cm / 9 1/4"
Lower Bout: 43.5 cm / 17 1/8"

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Etienne Vatelot, Paris, 1981
Fritz Baumgartner, Basel, 1971
Daniel Moinel, Paris, 1971

Smooth and complex character that is even and easy to play. Currently is set up with gut strings as the current owner plays period music. I have played it with steel strings up top and it opened up into a lush, full voice.

This instrument, nearly three hundred years old, is in quite extraordinarily fresh condition.

The certificates are available for review. (see this page to translate certs into any language) The materials - maple for the back and ribs, wide-grained spruce for the table - the varnish, the soundholes and the scroll are all unmistakably Grancino. The Milanese varnish is well preserved. It has original wings in the upper bouts of the front. On the back plate there is a single knot-hole repaired by the maker underneath the varnish. The cello appears to have been re-sized, with doubling visible along the edges. The purfling is neatly inlaid. The soundholes are Stradivarian in concept, but their design is personalized and unique.

Tonally it is outstanding.

1st recording: C scale, Haydn and Brahms

2nd recording: JS Bach Saraband from the 3rd suite

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