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Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X7 'Gofriller' 4/4 Cello - Used

Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X7 'Gofriller' 4/4 Cello - Used

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Bernd Dimbath's X7 Heindrich Gill Cello 'Gofriller'

4/4, Crafted in 2013, Used

Great projection! Loud, yet complex. Nicely balanced across the entire register (hard to note string crossings). Woody low end, with a luscious C! Lovely, complex A with nice tonal characteristics. Perfect for someone looking for an all-around instrument: great for ensemble work, or soloists looking for a richer, less bright tone. Great dynamic range.

This model is suitable for the professional player at an affordable price. The X7 has the core, depth, projection and complexity that even the most discerning ear can appreciate.

This Gill Cello is a collaboration between Bernd Dimbath's Acoustic Engineering research and his Gill workshop. It is right up there in play quality with the Dimbath C-Class for a fraction of the cost. This new line of Gill/Dimbath has created a sophisticated professional level cello that is very affordable for the serious musician. This is the only Gill model to be stamped with B. Dimbath brand inside as well as the bottom near the endpin.

This is a new progressive model coming from the Gill shop. Breaking new ground by constructing five front and back plates at a time, then using the guidelines set by the same acoustical engineering developed in the Dimbath shop, they match up the back plates to the front plates with very successful results.

Serial #3277


  • Rosewood Heart style pegs
  • Belgium Bridge
  • French style Rosewood tailpiece with built in fine tuners
  • 10 mm Carbon Fiber endpin
  • Spirocore tungsten/Larsen string set
  • Comes with a hard case
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