Calin Wultur Model #7 'Montagnana' - 4/4 Cello Calin Wultur Model #7 'Montagnana' - 4/4 Cello

Complete Outfit - price includes hard case and bow!

Very well balanced with lots of tonal complexity to play with. Loud and resonant with a beautiful tone.

Our Price $8,900.00
Revelle model 550QX - 3/4 Cello Revelle model 550QX - 3/4 Cello

Complete Outfit - comes with a hard case and a bow!

This responsive and vibrato-loving cello is beautifully smooth and buttery.

Our Price $2,695.00
Cello - Bernd Dimbath C Class 'Strad' Master Grade Bernd Dimbath C Class 'Stradivari' Master Grade 4/4 Cello (a)

Bubenreuth, Germany, 2014
Master Grade Instrument

Friendly, warm and mellow, this would blend nicely in ensemble work. The tone of the lower register is earthy and rich, while the upper register has beautiful overtones. A highly unique voice.

Our Price $19,000.00
Howard Core Select - 4/4 Cello Howard Core Select - 4/4 Cello

Complete outfit - comes with Hard Case and nice bow!

Punchy lows and a soaring A string make this a perfect, low-budget soloist's instrument. The cello carries an exemplary crisp tone, and conveys even the slightest touch. Highly recommended for beginner-intermediate players.

Our Price $4,220.00
Cello Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X7 'Ruggieri' Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X7 'Ruggeri' 4/4 Cello - Used

Bubenreuth, Germany; 2013
Gently used
Rich and big sound, full of colors to explore. This cello has a sweet upper register, and is very easy to play for a professional cello. Lovely rich sound in the lower register, advanced cellists will be delighted with the complex sound.

Our Price $16,000.00
Calin Wultur Model #5 'Guarneri' 4/4 Cello Calin Wultur Model #5 'Guarneri' 4/4 Cello

Complete outfit - includes hard case and bow!


Responsive and resonant throughout its range, this complex and soloistic cello is great for a serious musician looking for an upgrade.

Our Price $5,900.00

Welcome to Linda West Cellos. You can shop online or in my shop in Santa Barbara, CA. USA (by appointment) If you would like to visit my shop to try out cellos, shop for cases or bows, or drop off bow or cellos for repairs, please click here to make an appointment. I am open 7 days a week by appointment only.

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About LindaWest.com - I started this business when my daughter, Maya, started to play the cello in elementary school, and she has now graduated with a Bachelor's in music. I believe that music, and fine instruments, should be accessible to anyone. I will always do my best to understand your needs, and my desire is to exceed your expectations. You are welcome to come visit my showroom and shop, by appointment, if you are ever in Santa Barbara, CA. My online business is International, and I have successfully shipped as far away as Dubai, New Zealand, Russia, and Japan. My cellos always arrive safe and sound and ready to play!

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Cello Setup - Since I specialize in the sale of custom set-up new cellos and used cellos, I am intimately familiar with each of the instruments that I offer. I typically play each cello, recording sound bytes with a local symphony musician playing. Based on the needs of the instrument, I customize the setup, including hand-picking string sets, to optimize sound and playability. Almost every cello that I sell has been personally curated by me; I pick the best that is available, set that up to sound the best that it can, and pass that expertise along to you.

Try Before You Buy! - I allow each customer to 'try before they buy'. Once you get your new cello, try it out for 14 days. If you don't like it, you can send it back for a full refund minus shipping. Please check my policies on trial instruments.

Shipping - I ship new or used cellos anywhere in the 50 U.S. States, Canada, and many other countries. If you have special shipping needs, please contact me directly. For cellos, I can usually get special rates dealing directly with my shipping companies. If you don't see your country during checkout, please email me directly and I'll have it added for you.

Cellos - I feature Eastman cellos, including Emiliani, Rudolph Doetsch, Wilhelm Klier, Lombari, to name a few. Any cello from the Eastman lineup can be ordered and set-up with cello parts of your liking. I also carry other makes as well as old restored cellos and newer used cellos. Please check my all cellos section for a complete listing with images and many sound files for all the the cellos I currently have in stock.

I am more than just a dealer for Eastman Strings - I set-up and adjust each cello personally. I play each cello and make changes to the set-up depending on each individual cellos needs. I spend as much time as it takes until the cello is performing at its best potential.

Most of my cellos come bundled with a bow and case choice as part of the total price. For certain lines I also offer you the unique choice of packages to custom setup your own cello before checkout.

Cello Cases - The cello cases I feature are the Musilia Carbon fiber cases, Bam Hightech and Newtech, Bam's newest 3.5 Compact model and the newly arrived BAM 2.9 L'Etoile model. In addition to Bam cases have the more economical hard cellos cases: Eastman Z-tek and Classic models as well as Bobelock 2000 and 2000 XL. Be sure to check out all of my cello cases as there are many choices these days.

Bows - I carry new cello bows, bass bows, viola bows, and violin bows. If you are looking for a new bow I have the complete line of Eastman bows, Coda bow, and Arcos Brasil hand-made bows, as well as bows that I make, and old bows I have restored. I am also excited to carry the Arcus professional carbon fiber bows from Germany.

Accessories - I sell accessories for all string instruments, including Les Bois D'harmonie tail pieces, New Harmony carbon fiber endpins, and my favorite rosins. If you don't see the cello or violin related item here that you are looking for please inquire. If I can't get it for you I will be glad to direct you to someone who can.

Services - I also provide the following services: bow rehairing for violin, viola, cello and bass bows, as well as bow and cello repair. I also am happy to upgrade cellos you may have bought elsewhere. At my shop, I provide string trials so you can experiment with different brands of cello strings to figure out what your cello likes.

Questions? If you have questions or special requirements, don't hesitate to email me. I answer all emails within 24 hours.