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Student Musician's Maintenance Kit Student Musician's Maintenance Kit

Special package deal $43 worth of products for only $35! Includes logo'd microfiber  and yellow napped polish cloths, rosin, and polish.

Value $43.00
Our Price $35.00
Kohr Cello Polish Kohr Cello Polish

Polish for student and intermediate instruments; a small amount leaves an excellent finish.

Our Price $8.50
Ardsley Peg Drops Ardsley Peg Drops

Slipping, creaky pegs? Try some of this formula; a single drop will vastly improve the fit!

Our Price $13.00
Stringed Instrument Polishing Cloth Premium Microfiber Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth

Microfiber polishing cloth with art! Highly durable, machine washable, ink is sublimated into cloth...will not harm your fine instrument. 2 Designs.

Just for You! $9.00
Stringed Instrument Polish Weisshaar Polish for Stringed Instruments Weisshaar Polish for Stringed Instruments

Best polish on the market for fine instrument care.

Our Price $28.00
Stringed Instrument Cleaner Weisshaar Cleaner for Stringed Instruments Weisshaar Cleaner for Stringed Instruments

Best cleaner on the market for fine instrument care. Excellent for cleaning your violin, viola or cello. For the finest string instruments. Removes built up rosin dust and foreign matter. Do not use on instruments with open cracks. One ounce bottle.

Our Price $28.00
polishing cloth Napped Cotton Polishing Cloth

Custom-made napped cotton polishing cloth, with our logo.

Our Price $5.50
Cello Pajamas Cello Pajamas

Silk drawstring bag to protect your cello while in the case.

Our Price $30.00
Violin Pajamas Violin / Viola Pajamas

Silk drawstring bag to protect your violin or viola.

Our Price $20.00
Fancy Cellobib Bass Clef Bib - Cello Bib

Cello bibs provide comfort for you and protection for your cello!   The cellobib stays in place and offers a comfortable pad for you along the upper bout.

Our Price $39.95
Cello Stand Traditional Wooden Traditional Wooden Cello Stand

Cello Display Cradle. A traditional stable and durable wooden stand for your cello.
interior colors available now:

  • Wine
  • Blue
  • Green
The stands in stock exterior wood is a dark stain.

Our Price: $200.00
Cello Bib Cello Bib

Custom-made cello bib that prevents varnish damage, shields cello from sweat, buttons, and sequims, and provides comfort while playing. Black velvet on one side, choice of shimmering color on the other!

Our Price $35.00
Cello humidifier by Dampit Dampit Cello Humidifier

The Dampit Cello Humidifier protects your cello from damage due to excessive dryness. A soft rubber sleeve encloses a special open-cell sponge. Simply soak in water, wipe off, and insert through an F-hole.

Our Price $24.00
Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Kit Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Kit

Keep your instrument properly hydrated with the Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Kit. It will keep a perfect balance between 45-55 relative humidity regardless of where you travel or the weather.

Our Price $29.95
Seam Repair Kit for Cellos by Linda West. Seam Repair Kit

Complete do-it-yourself seam repair kit for Violins, Violas or Cellos.

Starting at $29.95
Mailing Bow Cost Mailing Bow Cost

For cost of packing and shipping your bow (price to be adjusted for actual shipping cost to your location)

Our Price: $11.95
cello set-up and adjustment, cello sales and repairs Cello Set-up and adjustment

Bought a new solid carved cello with a questionable set-up from ebay or an old used one that needs proper set-up? Add this to your cart and have the cello shipped to me so it'll be playable on arrival.

Price depends on your need $491.75
Artino Resonance Wooden Endpin Stop Artino Wooden 'Resonance' Cello Endpin Stop (SP-4T)

Hollow rosewood and walnut rockstop allows for a highly resonant sound. Comes with an adjustable strap!

Our Price: $20.95
Artino Cello-shaped Wooden Endpin Stop Cello-Shaped Wooden Artino Endpin Anchor

Three (!) varieties of cello-shaped endpin stops for keeping your cello rooted rock-solid to the ground!

Our Price: $19.95