Cello Repairs, Bow Rehair and Restoration

Below you will find a menu of my instrument and bow maintenance, restoration, and repair and rehair services. Feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions at all about my services. I have been a luthier since 2006 and work out of my small shop in Santa Barbara, CA. I typically work on instruments from the local area, but if you are willing to have it shipped both ways and pay for that, I will consider working on instruments from out of the area. If you need to send in a bow for repair or rehair, see my article on how to ship a bow.

Cello Repairs
Bow Rehairs Violin, viola, cello, and bass rehairs
Frog Restoration and Repair
Stick Restoration
Thumb Leather Replacement
Tip Repairs
Eyelet, Screw, and Button Repairs

Cello Repairs and Adjustments
Instrument Setup Charge $60
Install PegHeds

See all our Perfection Pegs for both Cello and Violin/Viola

Replace Fingerboard tbd @$500
Fingerboard Planing $150 for full fingerboard

$75 for partial

Reglue Fingerboard $75
Seam Repair $5/inch
Reset Sound Post / New Sound Post $10 / $40
Adjust Bridge Height $25
Fit New Bridge starting at $150
Bridge Parchments $10
SNAGG Microchip Installation

Check out the SNAGG Microchip for instrument security

Click Here to make Repair Deposit for Any Instrument depends on estimate

For Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass bows

Fast turn around!
I offer professional rehairing for violin, viola, cello, and bass bows, plus a variety of different repairs for all bows. If you have questions about my repair or rehair services, please feel free to email me.

Bow Rehairs
Violin and Viola bows starting at $55
Cello bows starting at $60
Bass bows starting at $65
Shorten Hair (any bow) $20
Color Bow Hair - All Instruments! starting at $80

Replace Bow Winding
Nickel/Silver $75
2-3 Color Silk Winding $110
Sterling Silver - Violin/Viola $95
Sterling Silver - Cello $100
Sterling Silver - Bass $120
Gold - All Bows - Starts at $225
Thin Leather Wrap instead of winding $55
Tighten and Re-solder Silver Winding $20

Frog Repair and Restoration
Rebuild Frog price depends on repair needed
Repair Chips $70
Frog Liner $150 (Silver) $200 (Gold)
Heel Plate $100 (Square) $150 (Round)
New Abalone Slide $200
New Mother of Pearl Eye $80
New Ferrule $300
StringVision Bow Grip $10

Stick Restoration
Thumb Wear on Stick - Restoration $100
Straighten Slight Bend $46
Spline Repair of Bow Head $150
Bush End of Stick $80
Repair Broken Stick depends

Replace Worn Thumb Leather
Replace Thumb Leather starting at $60
Replace Only Leather Band that secures Winding starting at $35
Rubber Tubing for Covering Thumb Leather $2.50
StringVision Bow Grip $10
Leather selection: Kid in black and brown, lizard in black and brown, soft leather in black or brown, varigated black and brown soft leather, snake in black, and bullfrog in brown!

Repair/Replace Tip Plate
Replace Tip Plate - Plastic $40
Replace Tip Plate - Artificial Ivory $75
Replace Tip Plate - Mammoth Ivory $100
Repair only the tip of tip plate
inexpensive fix for inexpensive bows

Bow Eyelet, Screw, and Button Repairs
Replace Stripped Brass Eyelet $25
Replace Tightening Screw $20
Button Repair $40
Bush Eyelet in Frog $50