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As a service to my customers I rosin all bows before I ship them. I use pure rosin formulated by bow maker William Salchow. If you do NOT want your bow rosined, please include a note to me during checkout.

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Viola Bow Artino Otto Musica Graphite Artino Graphite Bow - VIOLA 4/4-1/8

Quality made graphite bow. Perfect for beginners. Light-weight. Takes a beating! Available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes.

Our Price $49.95
Viola Bow JET Carbon Fiber JET Carbon Fiber Bow - VIOLA - 4/4-3/4

JT JET BOW: Great player's bow at a very affordable price. Fiddlers love these! Excellent playability and clear quick response.

Our Price $118.00
Viola Bow - Eastman Cadenza Carbon Fiber Eastman Cadenza Carbon Fiber Bow - VIOLA

Students and teachers love the strength, durability, classic appearance, and modest price of the Cadenza bow. This strong carbon fiber bow with traditional nickel mountings is an ideal bow for multiple uses.

Our Price $138.00
Viola Bow JET Carbon Weave JET Deluxe Carbon Weave Bow - VIOLA

JET carbon fiber bow - This bow provides strength and performance far beyond any wood bow in this price range.

Our Price $150.00
Viola Bow K. Holtz Carbon Composite K. Holtz Carbon Composite Bow - VIOLA

A good sounding carbon composite bow. 4/4 size only. Available in Black Only.

  • Discontinued model. I have a couple left.

Our Price $151.00
Viola Bow CodaBow 'Prodigy' - Carbon Fiber CodaBow 'Prodigy' - Carbon Fiber - VIOLA

Available in 4/4 and 3/4 sizes only

Exceptional performance for exceptional students.

List Price: $380.00
Our Price $342.00
Viola Bow - Eastman Cadenza 305 Master 'Hybrid' Eastman Cadenza 305 Master 'Hybrid' Bow - VIOLA

The Cadenza Master bow Carbon core with a pernambuco exterior. This bow provides professional musicians with a top quality bow with all the outstanding playing and tonal characteristics of fine pernambuco. The beautiful silver-mounted and inlaid frog and buttons, and French-style grip please the most discerning eye.

List Price: $690.00
Our Price $513.00
Viola Bow CodaBow 'Joule' - Carbon Fiber CodaBow 'Joule' - Carbon Fiber - VIOLA

The most innovative of all the CodaBows.

List Price: $765.00
Our Price $689.00
Viola Bow Arcus Carbon Fiber M-Series Arcus M-Series Carbon Bow - VIOLA

Carbon fiber. Easy to handle, and makes it easy to execute the most difficult strokes with absolute. precision. Its rather dark and warm sound suits all instruments and blends really well in the orchestra.

Starting at $1,190.00
Viola Bow Arcus Carbon Fiber P-Series Arcus P-Series Carbon Bow - VIOLA

In Stock!

Finally a bow that allows to pull all the fascinating sounds out of your viola that have been hiding because other bows were just too weak. The response of the C-string is much easier, off-string-bowings are easy to do, the sound is neither nasal or noise, but strong and clear and carries beautiful.

Starting at $1,190.00