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As a service to my customers I rosin all bows before I ship them. I use pure rosin formulated by bow maker William Salchow. If you do NOT want your bow rosined, please include a note to me during checkout.

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J. Remy Quality Brazilwood Bow J. Remy Quality Brazilwood Violin Bow (Model 2190)

High-quality brazilwood bow; available in fractional sizes and great for beginners! While supplies last!

In Stock: 1/8, 1/16

Our Price $39.95
Violin Bow Otto Musica Graphite Artino Graphite Bow - VIOLIN - 4/4-1/8

Quality made graphite bow. Perfect for beginners. Light-weight. Takes a beating!

Our Price $49.95
Violin Bow Eastman Brasilwood Model 20 Eastman Round Brazilwood Bow Model 20 - VIOLIN 4/4 to 1/16

Samuel Eastman model 20 bows are a entry-level Brazilwood round bow, ebony frog mounted with nickel silver and mother-of-pearl. Genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair. All sizes.

List Price: $60.00
Our Price $51.00
Violin Bow K. Holtz Fiberglass fractional sizes K. Holtz Fiberglass Bow - VIOLIN 4-4 to 1-32

A good, strong inexpensive student bow with a real ebony/nickel/mother of pearl frog, silver and leather grip, and quality hair. Black only.

List Price: $60.00
Our Price $54.00
Violin Bow Century Strings Octagonal Brasilwood Model BVL16 Century Strings Octagonal Brazilwood Bow Model BVL16 - VIOLIN all sizes

A great sounding bow at a fraction of the price. This bow outplays many other bows, including the Eastman 50.

Our Price $60.00
Violin Bow - Glasser Standard Fiberglass - 4/4-1/32 Glasser Standard Fiberglass Bow - VIOLIN all sizes

A very durable and inexpensive student bow. 4/4 - 32nd sizes

Our Price $65.00
Violin Bow Model 40 Eastman Octagonal Brasilwood Model 40 Eastman Octagonal Brazilwood Bow - VIOLIN 4/4-1/4

A quality step-up Brazilwood bow with an octagonal stick for strength. Select brazilwood, handcrafted, and carefully balanced for playability and tone.

Our Price $89.00
$99 Dyed Bow Wood or Composite Bow with Colored Hair

A great sounding bow for beginners or a super fun bow for backup or just making a statement. Available in a limited run of violin, viola and cello bows in various sizes and colors.

Special Limited Run! $99.00
Violin Bow JET Carbon Fiber JET Carbon Fiber Bow - VIOLIN 4/4-3/4

JT JET BOW: Great player's bow at a very affordable price. Fiddlers love these! Excellent playability and clear quick response.

List Price: $120.00
Our Price $100.00
Violin Bow K. Holtz Carbon Composite K. Holtz Carbon Composite Bow - VIOLIN 4/4-1/10

A good sounding carbon composite bow. Available in black only now.

  • Discontinued. A few bows left in 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2 sizes.

Our Price $115.00
Violin Bow JET Carbon Weave JET Carbon Weave Bow - VIOLIN

JET carbon fiber bow - This bow provides strength and performance far beyond any wood bow in this price range.

Our Price $132.00
Violin Bow Model 60 Eastman Wood Model 60 Eastman Wood Bow - VIOLIN 4/4-3/4

Quality wood bow with nickel mounted ebony frog, mother-of-pearl slide, and Mongolian horsehair. A very nice bow for an entry-level price.

List Price: $160.00
Our Price $144.00
Violin Bow CodaBow 'Prodigy' - Carbon Fiber CodaBow 'Prodigy' - Carbon Fiber - VIOLIN

Available in 4/4 and 3/4 sizes only

Exceptional performance for exceptional students.

List Price: $345.00
Our Price $311.00
Paesold PA192 Violin Bow 1/2 size Paesold PA192 Violin Bow 1/2 size

Weight: 49.5g, Balance: 8.15"

Made in Germany

A+ pernambuco with ebony frog and nickel silver mounting.

List Price: $540.00
Our Price $490.00
Paesold PA192 Violin Bow 1/2 size Paesold PA192 Violin Bow 1/2 size

Weight: 50g, Balance: 8.25"

Made in Germany

A+ pernambuco with ebony frog and nickel silver mounting.

List Price: $540.00
Our Price $490.00
Violin Bow - Arcos Brasil - Pernambuco Bow - Silver Special Edition - fractional sizes Arcos Brasil - Pernambuco Bow - SILVER Special Edition - fractional VIOLIN

Special Edition Silver Violin in fractional sizes. Completely Hand-crafted ultra-premium pernambuco Violin bow. Comes in 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 sizes