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Cello endpin stop, xeros Xeros Endpin Stop (Cello and Bass)

Fully adjustable and highly versatile endpin stop!

Available for cello and bass!

Our Price $12.90
Cello Endpin stop - Dycem Black Hole Dycem Black Hole Endpin stop

Simple but effective solution to the "rockstop problem"...made of non-slip material that will grip most surfaces without being "sticky".

Our Price $14.95
Artino Cello-shaped Wooden Endpin Stop Cello-Shaped Wooden Artino Endpin Anchor

Three (!) varieties of cello-shaped endpin stops for keeping your cello rooted rock-solid to the ground!

Our Price: $19.95
Cello Endpin Stop  Coco COCO Endpin Stop

Endpin stop with design in the form of Cremona, Italy's streetscape! Comes in a variety of colors.

Our Price $20.00
Artino Resonance Wooden Endpin Stop Artino Wooden 'Resonance' Cello Endpin Stop (SP-4T)

Hollow rosewood and walnut rockstop allows for a highly resonant sound. Comes with an adjustable strap!

Our Price: $20.95