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Rare Giovanni Battista Grancino Cello - 1716 - Fine Italian cello Rare Giovanni Battista Grancino Cello - 1716 - Fine Italian cello

Giovanni Battista Grancino

Milan, Italy - 1716

This fine Italian cello has a buttery complex character that is even and easy to play. This instrument, nearly three hundred years old, is in quite extraordinarily fresh condition.

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1/2 German Cello Old German 1/2 sized Cello - Used, Consignment

Complete outfit - includes Gig Bag and Bow!

Our Price $1,900.00
Cello 3/4 size - Andrew Fein Andrew Fein 3/4 size Cello - Consignment

Price includes hard case.

This small but loud cello has a dark lower register, and a clear and shiny upper register, with great responsiveness.

Our Price $3,000.00
Vitali cello Vitali circa 1975 Cello Used - on Consignment

Crafted in Germany

A well-loved, antique cello. Overtones are muted and delightful, making for a round, welcoming tone. Performance ready sound, perfect for intermediate players.

Our Price $3,700.00
Cello 3/4 size - Jacobus Hornsteiner Jacobus Hornsteiner 'Strad' 3/4 size Cello - Consignment

Beautiful rich tone. Lots of color and warmth. Has the depth and maturity of an old cello. Great cello for a precocious young player with a strong bow arm or a small adult who wants a sophisticated tone in a small size.

Our Price $7,500.00
Don Lenker Montagnana cello Don Lenker 'Montagnana' 4/4 Cello - On Consignment

Handmade by a local Central Coast luthier! Wonderful choral, resonant quality!

Our Price $12,000.00
C.G.Stewart 4/4 Cello - Used 1928 American made by C.G.Stewart 4/4 Cello - Consignment

Los Angeles, CA, 1928

Strong and focused voice with good responsiveness. Its voice leans towards the warm side yet it has a nice amount of bite when you ask for it. Interesting history...

Our Price $20,500.00
Baroque Cello - on Consignment Baroque Cello - on Consignment

.If you are into period instruments and playing Baroque repertoire this old girl has a rich, colorful timbre making it a joy to play.

Our Price $28,000.00
Matthew Furber 4/4 Cello - Used 1790 Matthew Furber 4/4 Cello - Consignment

A well-cared for example of Furber's work. Beautifully integrated sound, perfectly balanced, creamy and complex tone. Plenty of volume for a slighly scaled down instrument.

Price $38,500.00