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J. Remy Quality Brazilwood Bow J. Remy Quality Brazilwood Violin Bow (Model 2190)

High-quality brazilwood bow; available in fractional sizes and great for beginners! While supplies last!

In Stock: 1/8, 1/16

Our Price $39.95
Violin Bow Otto Musica Graphite Artino Graphite Bow - VIOLIN - 4/4-1/8

Quality made graphite bow. Perfect for beginners. Light-weight. Takes a beating!

Our Price $49.95
Violin Bow Eastman Brasilwood Model 20 Eastman Round Brazilwood Bow Model 20 - VIOLIN 4/4 to 1/16

Samuel Eastman model 20 bows are a entry-level Brazilwood round bow, ebony frog mounted with nickel silver and mother-of-pearl. Genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair. All sizes.

List Price: $60.00
Our Price $51.00
Violin Bow K. Holtz Fiberglass fractional sizes K. Holtz Fiberglass Bow - VIOLIN 4-4 to 1-32

A good, strong inexpensive student bow with a real ebony/nickel/mother of pearl frog, silver and leather grip, and quality hair. Black only.

List Price: $60.00
Our Price $54.00
Cello Bow Century Strings Brasilwood Model BVL Century Strings Brazilwood Bow Model BVL25 - Violin 4/4

A quality, step-up Brazilwood bow, round stick of select brazilwood handcrafted and carefully balanced for playability and tone.

Our Price $59.00
Violin Bow Century Strings Octagonal Brasilwood Model BVL16 Century Strings Octagonal Brazilwood Bow Model BVL16 - VIOLIN all sizes

A great sounding bow at a fraction of the price. This bow outplays many other bows, including the Eastman 50.

Our Price $60.00
Violin Bow - Glasser Standard Fiberglass - 4/4-1/32 Glasser Standard Fiberglass Bow - VIOLIN all sizes

A very durable and inexpensive student bow. 4/4 - 32nd sizes

Our Price $65.00
Violin Bow Model 40 Eastman Octagonal Brasilwood Model 40 Eastman Octagonal Brazilwood Bow - VIOLIN 4/4-1/4

A quality step-up Brazilwood bow with an octagonal stick for strength. Select brazilwood, handcrafted, and carefully balanced for playability and tone.

Our Price $89.00
$99 Dyed Bow Wood or Composite Bow with Colored Hair

A great sounding bow for beginners or a super fun bow for backup or just making a statement. Available in a limited run of violin, viola and cello bows in various sizes and colors.

Special Limited Run! $99.00
Violin Bow JET Carbon Fiber JET Carbon Fiber Bow - VIOLIN 4/4-3/4

JT JET BOW: Great player's bow at a very affordable price. Fiddlers love these! Excellent playability and clear quick response.

List Price: $120.00
Our Price $100.00
Violin Bow K. Holtz Carbon Composite K. Holtz Carbon Composite Bow - VIOLIN 4/4-1/10

A good sounding carbon composite bow. Available in black only now.

  • Discontinued. A few bows left in 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2 sizes.

Our Price $115.00
Violin Bow - Eastman Cadenza Carbon Fiber Eastman Cadenza Carbon Fiber Bow - VIOLIN

Students and teachers love the strength, durability, classic appearance, and modest price of the Cadenza bow. This strong carbon fiber bow with traditional nickel mountings is an ideal bow for multiple uses.

Our Price $127.00
Violin Bow Andreas Eastman Model 50 Octagonal Select Brazilwood Andreas Eastman Model 50 Octagonal Select Brazilwood Bow - VIOLIN

Top of the line Brazilwood bows for advanced students - octagonal stick, ebony frog, abalone slide, Mongolian horsehair.

List Price: $150.00
Our Price $131.00
Magical Unicorn Brazilwood Bow 1/8 size Magical Unicorn Violin Bow - Brasilwood

Special one-of-a-kind Magical Unicorn bow for a special student. 1/8 size only. Dyed hair, Dragon's leather, and spiral sparkly winding! Wow!

Our Price $139.95
Violin Bow Model 60 Eastman Wood Model 60 Eastman Wood Bow - VIOLIN 4/4-1/2

Quality wood bow with nickel mounted ebony frog, mother-of-pearl slide, and Mongolian horsehair. A very nice bow for an entry-level price.

List Price: $160.00
Our Price $144.00