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Purchasing a used cello can be a daunting experience...especially online. Please check-out my customer feedback page for real customer testimonials to help in your buying decision. If you have any questions at all about the product you are considering, please don't hesitate to email me. I respond very quickly because I know that your time is valuable.
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C.G.Stewart 4/4 Cello - Used 1928 American made by C.G.Stewart 4/4 Cello - Used, Consignment

Los Angeles, CA, 1928

Strong and focused voice with good responsiveness. Its voice leans towards the warm side yet it has a nice amount of bite when you ask for it. Interesting history...

Our Price $20,000.00
Jay Haide L'Ancienne 7/8 Cello - Used, Consignment Jay Haide L'Ancienne 7/8 Cello - Used, Consignment

Wonderful 7/8 cello with a rich, round tone. This Jay Haide has an exceptionally clear, yet warm, voice. It has outstanding projection that competes favorably with any 4/4 cello. Gently used. Made in 2015

Our Price $4,750.00
Pietro Lombardi model 502 4/4 Cello Pietro Lombardi 'Stradivari' model 502 4/4 Cello

Complete Outfit - hard case and bow

Both full of soloist potential as well as forgiving to less than perfect technique, this cello will make an exceptional companion for anyone; from the student cellist wanting a cello that won't stifle musical growth to the young, advanced cellist who needs a showy cello for recitals and concerto competitions.

Our Price $5,049.00
Vitali cello Vitali circa 1975 Cello Used - on Consignment

Crafted in Germany

Our Price $3,700.00
Wilhelm Klier cello Wilhelm Klier Model 702 'Stradivarius' 4/4 CELLO - Used

Complete Outfit - includes Hard Case and a Bow!


Nicely resonant with great projection, very responsive with buttery lower and bright, forward A string.

Our Price $6,000.00
Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X7 'Gofriller' 4/4 Cello - Used Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X7 'Gofriller' 4/4 Cello - Used

Matteo Gofriller 'Schneider'

Gently Used

Rare X7 Gofriller has outstanding tone that has both power and sensitivity. Refined both visually and tonally. Finished with beautiful rich amber varnish. SWEET!! Very gently broken in for you.

Our Price $16,000.00
On Sale! $14,000.00