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Musilia S2 "Robust" 100% Carbon Fiber Cello Case

Cello Case Musilia S2 100% Carbon Fiber

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Musilia Comfort Backpack System [Add $150.00]The Musilia cases come with normal shoulder straps. This 'comfort system' is for long distance cello trekking. Includes a removable lumbar cushion that doubles as a wedge seat cushion and also a removable music pocket with built-in pencil pouch.

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Musilia S2 "Robust" Fully Carbon Fiber cello case

Weight: approx. 7 lbs / 3.2kg

Though the Musilia S2 cello case is designed to fit Stradivarius patterned cellos (the 'S' in the name is for Strad, the 'M' in the other Musilia models is for Montagnana), these cases will also fit cellos patterned after Guadinari, Gofriller, and others. This S2 cello case by Musilia will fit a cello that is 49 1/2" tall, with a 14.5" upper bout width, and a 18" lower bout width.

Musilia S2 100% Carbon Fiber Cello Case is German engineered, extremely lightweight, and commandingly well-made. Using 100% carbon fiber, Musilia has created a case that fits snug, is super strong, and really light. The technologies used to make the Musilia cello cases create cases capable of standing up to the abuse of travel, and will protect your cello under every circumstance. The contoured back adds strength, and creates a space between the case and cello, minimizing flex which will protect the soundpost region of your cello. The S2 case has a new water tight valance that seals the edges, and lines up easier when closing. The bottom has been redesigned and stabilized for standing the case upright, protecting your cello in even more ways.

In addition to being incredibly durable, Musilia cello cases have been designed for ease of use, too. The comfort backpack system only takes 2 minutes to mount. And the unbreakable nylon strap will carry the entire weight of your cello, thereby eliminating the need for carabiners. The S2, and all other Musilia cases, have fully adjustable cushion padding just by turning a two-way screw.

Features Include:

  • Full Suspension interior
  • Velour Interior
  • Two bow holders
  • Two padded anti-slip shoulder straps
  • Can be configured for either shoulder or backpack use
  • One removable pocket for accessories
  • Now with upgraded neck strap and security strap for the scroll
  • Latches, handles, and strap adjusters are all designed to reduce noise
  • Fully suspended interior
  • Comfortable leather handle
  • Adjustable bottom pads to customize the fit of your cello
  • Injected foam suspension cushion to secure cello's shoulder and neck heal
  • Designed to accommodate most standard size cellos
  • Adjustable bottom pads to customize the fit of your cello
  • Injected foam suspension cushion to secure cello's shoulder and neck heal
  • Comfortable leather handle
Note: These cases do not need the Security Cables as there is a different shoulder strap mechanism.


see 'Measurements' tab

See color options in the dropdown above.

Fitting your cello in a Musilia Case: Larger model cellos, with wider upper bouts, like Montagnana patterns, fit the Musilia M5 & M6. Cellos with a 14 1/2" or less upper bout will fit into the S-model cases. If your cello has a wide lower bout, up to about 18", will still fit in the S1 - S3.

Carbon Case Caution - If you are shopping for a case that is going to be sturdy, rugged and secure, light-weight carbon fiber cases may disappoint you. Although they ARE sturdy and secure, there are certain things about these cases that every shopper needs to be aware of. Carbon Fiber cases are very light because the carbon fiber is tougher than other materials, therefore, the case body is not very thick. This creates a few issues that you need to be aware of before purchasing:

  • When open, Carbon fiber cases have quite a bit of flex and it takes some care to line up the top and bottom correctly before latching. However, when closed, they are very rigid.
  • Standing a carbon fiber case on end with your cello in it (case either opened or closed) is NOT recommended because of the slim profile and light weight. It would take just a slight bump to unbalance it and knock it over.
  • The less expensive the carbon fiber case is, the more issues you will have with it. Like all other things, you get what you pay for.
  • Less expensive carbon fiber cases tend to have more issues with fit and finish, including hardware failures, durability, and padding.
  • If you want good protection and padding, strength, AND durability in a carbon case, expect to pay over $2,500.
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