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Cello Endpin - Opin Linda's OPin Endpin

10mm stainless steel endpin with strategically placed holes increases clarity, projection, and volume.

Our Price $195.00
Bow Rubber Tubing Bow Rubber Tubing: Cello, Viola, Violin (6 Pieces)

Rubber tubing for cellists, violists, and violinists; cushions the thumb contact area; provides added grip; prevents pain, cramping, fatigue.

Starting at $15.00
Cello Chair - Adjustrite Musicians Chair AdjustRite Cello Chair

Adjustable cello chair in 2 sizes for youth and adult cellists. Angled seat for proper posture for the cellist.
Regular adjusts from 15" to 20" (front of seat measurement)
Tall adjusts from 20 to 25

Our Price $199.00
Fancy Cellobib Bass Clef Bib - Cello Bib

Cello bibs provide comfort for you and protection for your cello!   The cellobib stays in place and offers a comfortable pad for you along the upper bout.

Our Price $39.95
Cello - Stringvision bow grip Stringvision Bow Grip

Anti-fatigue bow covering for string players (one-size-fits-all, violin to double bass). Fits over frog, makes gripping the bow easier, reduces pain, also teaches proper bow grip to new students.

Comes in black only.

Our Price $10.00
Cello Case Shoulder Straps for BAM cases Replacement Shoulder Straps for Bam Case

Bam non-slip shoulder straps (set of two)

Our Price $49.00
Cello Case Shoulder Straps for Eastman cases Replacement Shoulder Straps for Eastman Cases

Eastman non-slip shoulder straps (set of two)

Our Price $25.00
BAM Cello Case Movable Cushions for Hightech 4.4 Movable Cushions for Bam High Tech 4.4 Case

Bam movable cushion kit for high-tech 4.4 case. Velcro backs with two additional foam inserts to make the larger pads thicker. These can also be used to retrofit other cases. 4 small (3 X 3 3/4") 2 large (3" X 4 1/2") w 2 extra 3" X 4 1/2" foam inserts.

Our Price $36.00
Shoulder Strap security cable BAM Security Cable For Cello Case Straps (Package of Four)

Highly recommended! Cable provides extra layer of security in case a backpack case strap breaks! Package includes four cables!

In Stock!

Our Price $8.00
Cello endpin stop, xeros Xeros Endpin Stop (Cello and Bass)

Fully adjustable and highly versatile endpin stop!

Available for cello and bass!

Our Price $12.90
Stringed Instrument Polishing Cloth Premium Microfiber Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth

Microfiber polishing cloth with art! Highly durable, machine washable, ink is sublimated into cloth...will not harm your fine instrument. 2 Designs.

Just for You! $9.00