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New cellos, bows, and other new products stay in this New Arrivals list for 30 days. The newest are at the top.
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Cello Case BAM Hightech Panther 2.9 BAM Panther Hightech Cello Case

Model: PANT1005XL

Weight: 7.6 lbs / 3.4kg

A newly finished version of the Hightech Slim 2.9. This case has a rubberized finished. Does not have wheels (see item page for list of In Stock colors)

Our Price $1,950.00
Topa Workshop Topa Workshop Bird's Eye Maple 4/4 Cello

1-piece bird's eye maple back
Great projection, super easy to play, nicely resonant.

Our Price $17,900.00
Jim Wimmer 16" Viola James Wimmer 16" Viola

Hand-made by Santa Barbara, CA luthier.

Our Price $6,000.00
Vitali cello Vitali circa 1975 Cello Used - on Consignment

Crafted in Germany

Our Price $3,700.00
Cello - Scott Cao STC 750E copy of G. B. Guadagnini 1777 Scott Cao - copy of Gore-Booth 1710, 4/4 Cello

Complete outfit - comes with Hard Case and nice bow!

European Tonewoods

Our Price $4,200.00
Josef Bitterer German Cello Josef Bitterer German Cello Used - on Consignment

Crafted in Germany

Our Price $3,000.00
Vivo Limited Edition 'Stradivari' 4/4 Cello - On Consignment Vivo Limited Edition 'Stradivari' 4/4 Cello - On Consignment

Great projection, complex sound. European hardwoods. Performs well beyond its price point.

Our Price $5,000.00
Cello Bow - R La Fleur R. La Fleur Bow - CELLO On Consignment

Weight: 86g, Balance: 8 3$"

Master level bow

Ivory frog, engraved gold fittings. Strong bow.

On Consignment $7,500.00
Cello Bow - Joseph Kun Joseph Kun Bow - CELLO

Weight: 73g, Balance: 9 5/8"

Master level bow

Ebony frog, gold fittings. Strong, octagonal bow.

Linda's Private Collection $5,000.00

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