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Glasser Standard Fiberglass Bow - CELLO - 4/4-1/16

Cello Bow - Glasser Fiberglass

Available in 4/4-1/16 sizes.

Our Price $110.00



A beginning player should not have to make a large investment in his or her first bow. Features a new half-lined bow frog with metal underslide and an imitation 3 part button.
  • Good weight and balance
  • Smooth, clean sound
  • Extremely durable material and construction
  • Easy to service and rehair
  • Genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair
  • 4/4 through 1/16 size
  • excellent school program bow
School programs....Stop buying throw away bows!
These are nearly zero maintenance school program bows! The extra you spend for these when buying for an educational program pays off in the first year. There is no winding or leather to come undone (which is $100 repair) the slide and tip are virtually indestructible which saves lots in repair bill money. Glasser bow rehairs are easy and most shops will charge less. Schools used to bring arm fulls of bows to me to repair costing them hundreds of dollars...I have been talking them into replacing the bows with these glassers and I have yet to see one come back for repairs or rehair.

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