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Color Bow Rehair

Professional Color Bow Rehair Service by Linda West

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Color rehair prices:
  • Violin & Viola bow $80
  • Cello bow $85
  • Bass bows $90
  • Student bows are $5 off - select 'student hair' below your instrument selection

Please read ALL of our information before ordering!!

Your bow will come ROSINED! (It's hard to get the rosin to stick on freshly dyed hair. We use powdered salchow rosin, then rosin the bow with a high quality rosin.

Rehairs start at $80.00


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Color Bow Rehairs!

***See Our Color Rehair Disclaimer!!!***

We offer several options for color rehairs. All dyed bows will be pre-primed with Salchow powered rosin, and rosined with a high quality rosin before shipping. Due to conditioners in the dye, it's often difficult to get the bow rosined the first time with just a normal block of rosin.

We use the highest quality unbleached, untreated hair on all our rehair jobs. Rehair includes cleaning and polishing and may include some minor repairs. If your bow requires additional repairs such as new winding or thumb leather, please let us know in the comments section on the order page and we will email you with a quote. We may need to see your bow first to make an accurate assessment.

We only offer the following hair for color rehairs:
For Violin and Viola we will use Platinum Select (regular): Stallion hair which is unbleached, untreated and very uniform and straight. It has been sorted out multiple time (Double drawn) resulting in a very consistent hank.
For Cello and Bass we will use Platinum Course: is the same as the above only the hair is a larger diameter (courser) it is a great hair for cello and bass (classical or modern).

Student: Unbleached Mongolian horse hair. Student grade. We use this hair for rentals and school rehairs mostly. It may break more easily. It costs $5.00 less

Ship your bow to:

Linda West
231 Gray Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

***Color Rehair Disclaimer***
Dyeing hair is art and therefore should not be expected to come out 'just like the photo'. Every hair is different and every dye is different. We do our best to make the colors as saturated and bright as possible but remember that once you add rosin all colors will be slightly muted - some more than others. The backside (towards the audience) will remain really bright, though. Colors displayed here may look slightly different in real life since cameras and computer screens cannot capture the intricacies of each dyed hair.

We endeavor to do the best job we can in preparing your color bow hairs to meet your expectations, however, due to the slightly uncontrollable nature of this project color rehairs are NOT refundable for esthetic reasons.


Don't panic! Watch below how to get that tube opened!

See more bow shipping info at: How to Ship a Bow

Linda Rehairs a bow.. super fast! ;)

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