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New bows may be rosined when you receive them due to the fact I frequently hand-select bows by playing them If you do not want a rosined bow, please let me know.

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Cello Bow Artino Otto Musica Graphite Artino Graphite Bow - CELLO

Quality made graphite bow. Perfect for beginners. Light-weight. Takes a beating!

Our Price $49.95
J Remy Brazilwood Cello Bow J. Remy Brazilwood Bow - CELLO

Available in sizes 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8

Beginning bow, economically priced. Octagonal stick with nickel silver winding and leather grip. Half-lined ebony frog with inlaid eye.

Our Price $60.00
Cello Bow Century Strings Octagonal Brasilwood Model BVC Century Strings™ Octagonal Brazilwood Cello Bow Model BVC16 - CELLO

A great sounding bow at a fraction of the price. This bow outplays many other bows, including the Eastman 50.

Our Price $65.00
Cello Bow - K. Holtz Fiberglass K. Holtz™ Fiberglass Bow - CELLO - all sizes

A good, strong inexpensive student bow with a real ebony/nickel/mother of pearl frog, silver and leather grip, and quality hair. Black only.

List Price: $80.00
Our Price $73.00
Cello Bow Suzuki 1/16 size J. Remy 1/16th Suzuki Bow - CELLO

Currently out of stock

Designed and made to pair up with the 1/10th size Suzuki cello. At 18" overall length it is 2" shorter than the normal 1/10th size bow.

Our Price $85.00
Cello Bow - K. Holtz Carbon Colored Composite Composite Bow with Color Hair - CELLO

SPECIAL! Color Hair!

A good sounding carbon composite bow that's also a lot of fun to use! Perfect backup bow.

Our Price $95.00
$99 Dyed Bow $99 Wood or Composite Bow with Dyed Hair

A great sounding bow for beginners or a super fun bow for backup or just making a statement. Available in a limited run of violin, viola and cello bows in various sizes and colors.

Special Limited Run! $99.00
Cello Bow - Glasser Fiberglass Glasser™ Standard Fiberglass Bow - CELLO - 4/4-1/16

A very durable and inexpensive student bow.

Our Price $110.00
Wuling100XLS Cello bow Wuling model 100 Carbon Fiber bow - CELLO

Nice student level carbon bow.

Our Price $130.00
Cello Bow - Eastman Model 50 Brasilwood Andreas Eastman™ Model 50 Octagonal Select Brazilwood Bow - CELLO

Top-of-the-line brazilwood bows. Their meticulous hand-construction and highest quality materials to create bows worthy of advanced students.

List Price: $180.00
Our Price $163.00
Cello Bow CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber CodaBow™ 'Prodigy' - Carbon Fiber - CELLO

Available in 4/4 and 3/4 sizes only

Exceptional performance for exceptional students.

List Price: $415.00
Our Price $374.00