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Cello bows, violin bows, viola bows and bass bows. I carry bows for beginners on a budget, up to professional solo and orchestral performances.

Most bow makers make bows that range in price. Nickel usually denotes the lowest level of that maker's bow line. The wood selected for the nickel bows will be of a lesser quality than that of a silver, silver select, or gold bow. Silver is typically the next level up, and these bows will have a stick that is of a higher quality wood or carbon fiber. Some makers make a 'Silver Select' bow, which typically uses a very high quality pernambuco. Gold bows are the highest. The winding is gold and the stick will be ultra select.

Purchasing a new bow can be a daunting experience...especially online. Please check-out my customer feedback page for real customer testimonials to help in your buying decision. If you have any questions at all about the product you are considering, please don't hesitate to email me. I respond very quickly because I know that your time is valuable.

New bows may be rosined when you receive them due to the fact I frequently hand-select bows by playing them If you do not want a rosined bow, please let me know.