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Bow Rubber Tubing: Double Bass (3 Pieces)

Bass Bow Rubber Tubing

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Package of 3 pieces of 4" tubing

**Please see the video below showing how to install this bow tube without damaging your bow or going crazy!**

Our Price $12.00


Anti-fatigue rubber tubing for bass players; for bow tubing for cellists, violists, violinists visit here.

Tubing is installed over the bow leather and slightly over the frog. Cushions the thumb contact area and provides added grip. Allows bassists to relax the thumb and helps prevent pain at the thumb tip, cramping, and fatigue.

Made of soft black foam (softer than the cello tube). Stretchy with open cells, like a dense foam rubber, and completely latex free!

See video below for installation instructions.

Additional Information:
Length: 4 inches
Outside Diameter: 15 millimeters
Inside Diameter: 11 millimeters
Foam Wall: 2 millimeters
Installing the Bow Tube

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