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Arcus X-5 Carbon Bow - for Electric CELLO

Arcus X-Series Cello Bow

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  • X5 with Skull frog - 65 g, and 9 1/8" bal
  • X5 with Skull frog - 68.4 g, and 9 1/4" bal

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Arcus X-series bow for electric cello or modern playing like chopping or heavy metal. Made using hollow carbon weave construction. Super light and strong. But with the special, modern frog and its cool design it makes a great match for many electric instruments. Round stick.

This model has been discontinued. We will not be taking orders on it. We have 2 X5 bows in stock, and that's it.
  • X5 - 68.4 gms & 9 1/4" bal - skull inlaid frog
  • X5 - 65.0 gms & 9 1/8" bal - skull inlaid frog

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