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These are my personal favorites! You may find them in all price ranges, but only very special cellos get my own, personal stamp of approval. I LOVE them!
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Wu Ling 4/4 Cello Wu Ling 4/4 Cello

Complete Outfit

Open and lively, good response to dynamic changes. The D string is nice and open in upper positions. Forgiving enough for a beginner yet its performance will suit an advancing student.

Our Price $2,500.00
Vivo L Maestro 'Strad' 3/4 Cello Vivo L Maestro 'Strad' 3/4 Cello

Huge sound from a 3/4 size cello. Complex and rich, mature voice from 40 year old European tonewoods.

Our Price $4,200.00
Vivo Zetoni model 100 4/4 Cello Vivo Zetoni model 100 4/4 Cello

Powerful, projects well. Excellent response, speaks easily with a light bow.

Our Price $4,200.00
Rainer Leonhardt ‘Conservatory’ model 704 4/4 Cello Rainer Leonhardt Conservatory model 704 4/4 Cello

Extremely powerful sound! This is a cello you can dig into, but provides plenty of volume contrast. Good soloist instrument.

Our Price $9,980.00
Cello 3/4 size - Jan Szlachtowski Master Level Jan Szlachtowski Master Level 3/4 size Cello

Nowy Targ, Poland, 2016

Master level 3/4 sized cello for the precocious young player or small adult needing a higher performing instrument. It has a clean smooth, even voice. Rich, yet focused. Beautiful, eye-catching instrument for serious musicians.

Our Price $10,000.00

On Hold

Cello Emanual Wilfer Gofriller Emanuel Wilfer Master 'Gofriller' 4/4 Cello (a)

Möhrendorf, Germany, 2018
Soloist Instrument

Incredibly responsive and powerful-- this cello is exciting to play! It is accessible to players of any level. Hand-made special for Linda West Cellos by a German master craftsman.

Our Price $12,000.00
Cello Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X5 'Gofriller' 4/4 Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X5 'Gofriller' 4/4 Cello

Bubenreuth, Germany; 2016

This cello plays and sounds like the much more expensive Dimbath C Class. It has a HUGE sound and incredible power with soloist projection.

Our Price $13,000.00
Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X7 'Gofriller' 4/4 Cello - Used Dimbath/Gill Master Soloist model X7 'Gofriller' 4/4 Cello - Used

Matteo Gofriller 'Schneider'

Gently Used

Rare X7 Gofriller has outstanding tone that has both power and sensitivity. Refined both visually and tonally. Finished with beautiful rich amber varnish. SWEET!! Very gently broken in for you.

Our Price $16,000.00
Cello 7/8 size - Szlachtowski Professional Grade Jan Szlachtowski Professional Grade 7/8 Cello

Jan's cellos are in high demand as people are discovering more and more the power, range and solo performance sound these instruments possess. This size is better suited for smaller players (5' 4" and under) or players with smaller hands.

Our Price $16,000.00